17: Sabotaging the Post Office = Peak Authoritarianism

In this episode of Our Future Now!, National Children’s Campaign co-founders Natalie Mebane and Jonah Gottlieb outline how the collective actions of the Trump administration have transformed America into a borderline authoritarian state and why you should take action to stop it in 2020.


Visit vote4ourfuture.org to learn more about how Zero Hour and the National Children’s Campaign are galvanizing Americans to vote on behalf of our nation’s 74 million children, who deserve bold climate action and environmental justice. 


Petition to support keeping the USPS funded: http://www.vote4ourfuture.org/usps.html

 Application for your absentee ballot: http://www.vote4ourfuture.org/votebymail.html


Links to all resources/articles mentioned in episode:

 One Long Night – Andrea Pitzer

 The 14 Charateristics of Fascism

 Concentration Camps on the US Boarder


Visit National Children’s Campaign if you’re interested in getting involved.


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