19: Creating Black Spaces in the Green Movement

In this episode of Our Future Now!, National Children’s Campaign co-founders Natalie Mebane and Jonah Gottlieb are joined by Destiny Hodges, Founder of Generation Green, to talk about her experience in the environmental movement, it’s ties to white supremacism, Kenosha Wisconsin, and what drove her to create Generation Green. They also talk about how white people can be better allies in the workplace.

Visit vote4ourfuture.org to learn more about how Zero Hour and the National Children’s Campaign are galvanizing Americans to vote on behalf of our nation’s 74 million children, who deserve bold climate action and environmental justice.

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 Blackspace Manifesto

Application for your absentee ballot (Vote4OurFuture.org)

Visit National Children’s Campaign if you’re interested in getting involved.

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