20: Prima’s Christopher Gavigan On Building Consumer Trust Through Education

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Christopher Gavigan is a scientist-turned-entreprenuer who co-founded The Honest Company with actress Jessica Alba before going on to start one of the leading CBD brands, Prima. In each venture, he laid the foundation for success through education, by sharing his knowledge of how chemicals in everyday products affect our health. In this episode, Chris shares with me his passion for building deep trust with consumers and creating a better future through business. 

A seasoned champion of health, acclaimed best-selling author, speaker, and social entrepreneur, Christopher’s commitment and consciousness have been instrumental in spreading global awareness about environmental health. In his role as CEO of the non-profit Healthy Child Healthy World, Christopher led a coalition of doctors, global retailers, and notable celebrities to drive awareness of the emerging science that would help ignite a consumer movement to demand for safer, healthier, non-toxic products. Christopher then founded and built The Honest Company in 2012 with Jessica Alba – the paradigm-shifting non-toxic consumer brand of skincare, home cleaning, and beauty products that delivered upon the principles of purpose, innovation, and socially responsible. Most recently, Gavigan has launched a science-driven, therapeutic botanical brand called PRIMA to bridge the gap between healthcare and wellness, and bring hemp cannabinoids/CBD to consumers with clinically validation, industry-defining standards, and radical transparency. He has authored numerous pieces on environmental health, sustainability, and the natural marketplace for national publications including People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, CNN, Medium, and Fast Company. Christopher sits on the Board of Directors of Mount Sinai Hospital and received numerous recognitions: Elle Magazine’s Green Award – 2007, NY Times Bestseller Nonfiction Book List – 2009, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year – 2015. Christopher is a father of four children, Luke, Evie, Poppy and Josephine and lives with his wife, Jessica, in Santa Monica, California.


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