CEO Blair Kellison Discusses How Traditional Medicinals Competes On Purpose

This week it was a pleasure to welcome Blair Kellison to the podcast, the President of herbal medicine company Traditional Medicinals. Blair offers insights on how his company has thrived since 1974 through long term decision-making, a holistic understanding of sustainability, and a carefully crafted company culture. He also shares his belief that the highest purpose of business is to address climate change and income inequality.

Blair Kellison

Blair Kellison is the CEO of Traditional Medicinals (TM), a mission driven, organic and fair trade wellness tea company based in Sonoma County, CA. Blair is a former CPA with Ernst & Young, a brand manager with Nestle, and he received his MBA from Booth at The University of Chicago. In 1995, Blair made the best decision of his career by taking a 70% pay cut and trading in his brand manager position at Nestle for one at a mission-driven, vegetarian food company. Over the past 25 years Blair has been the first non-founder CEO of four organizations, each time taking over from the founder and building an executive team to manage the company. His passion is leadership which he believes requires four P’s – Persistence, Patience, Passion and Purpose. He teaches leaders to patiently persist with purpose and passion as the driving force for their success.

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