CMO Wendy Hauteman On VSP’s Purpose After 65 Years In Business

Following the company’s 65th anniversary, VSP Global’s Chief Marketing Officer Wendy Hauteman decided it was time to craft a new purpose statement. It wasn’t a marketing initiative, but rather a way to set VSP up for future growth in an increasingly competitive industry.

Wendy and I worked together to bring purpose to life at VSP. Listen to our conversation to find out how she got buy-in from all levels of leadership and brought employees along during the process, how VSP has kept purpose alive through a network of internal ambassadors, and how purpose has come into play at VSP in terms of innovation, responding to COVID and more.

Wendy Hauteman

Wendy Hauteman is Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at VSP Global. She leads the organization’s global marketing strategy to deliver its products and services to a diverse set of stakeholders, including nearly 90 million VSP members.

 Wendy joined VSP Global in 2013 as Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Marketing. She has over 20 years of experience in the optical industry. Prior to joining VSP Global, Hauteman served in a variety of senior marketing leadership roles at Pearle Vision, ILORI, and EyeMed. She and her husband have two daughters and reside in El Dorado Hills, CA. She loves fitness and has run multiple marathons. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University and an MBA in marketing from Xavier University.


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