Cooks Venture’s Matthew Wadiak: From Meal Kits To Regenerative Agriculture

Matthew Wadiak went from being a chef to founding Blue Apron, the first meal kit company to go public, and now he’s disrupting food yet again through Cooks Venture. In his newest endeavor, Matthew is pioneering regenerative systems that span the entire value chain of animal agriculture.

I learned so much during my conversation with Matthew. Listen to the episode to understand more about the flaws he’s addressing in our current food system, building brand awareness online to challenge the status quo, and so much more.

Matthew Wadiak

Matthew Wadiak is the founder and CEO of Cooks Venture, a vertically integrated AgTech and food company re-envisioning the future of agriculture. Matthew’s goal is nothing short of changing industrial animal agriculture and creating a regenerative system to combat climate change while providing consumers with food choices that are exceptional in quality and taste. Cooks Venture breeds and raises a proprietary slow-growth, heirloom chicken, taking into account the health of the animal and the health of the environment.  

Prior to Cooks Venture, Matthew founded and served as the COO of Blue Apron, the trail-blazing meal-kit company that reimagined the way food is produced, distributed and prepared for home cooks. Matthew developed and managed Blue Apron’s supply chain, led a team of over 5,000 manufacturing employees at six national centers and built a network of over 250 farmers, ranchers and agronomists.

Matthew serves on the board of Goodwill International, one of the largest NGO’s in the world, which works to educate and develop better employment around the country through a diversity of workforce development and social programs.


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