Rachel & Andy Berliner: The Story Behind Amy’s Kitchen

Rachel and Andy Berliner started Amy’s Kitchen based on their own need. Like many new parents, they needed some convenient meals after the birth of their daughter, Amy. But they couldn’t find high-quality, frozen, organic vegetarian food in stores, so they decided to make it themselves!

In this episode of Lead With We, I spoke with Rachel and Andy about how they helped bring about a major shift in the American food system, and how they built a business that aligns with their values. 

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Rachel & Andy Berliner

Rachel & Andy Berliner started Amy’s Kitchen in Petaluma, California in 1987 with a simple mission to make good food for everyone at the table. Their first product was a vegetable pot pie with a flaky, homestyle crust. Today, Amy’s is still family-owned and sells more than 250 products in over 23 countries with the help of over 2,700 employees. 


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