Independent pop star Zolita embraced being gay through her queer witch alterego. In this episode of Lavender You, Jamie and Zolita talk about overcoming stereotypes about femme lesbians, how streaming has led to more LGBTQ+ representation in music, the meaning of her song “Loveline,” which is the theme music for our podcast, and how she reimagines art that queer people have been historically excluded from through her music videos.

18: Navigating The End Of The Pandemic With Brain Injury

As more people get vaccinated and governments lift COVID restrictions, there is pressure to race back to “normal” life. But given brain injury survivors’ fatigue and overstimulation it’s important to re-build in a way that meets their needs and values. In this episode of Brain Injury Today, Deborah Crawley speaks with therapist Lori Weisman about “conscious re-entry,” how to identify and prioritize your values, and becoming comfortable with saying “no” when it’s time to take care of yourself.