AARP’s Jean Accius On Creating Age-Inclusive Workplaces

Diversity, equity and inclusion should be top of mind for any business leader, but we don’t often think about age when it comes to DEI.

In this episode of Lead With We, I’m sharing a conversation with AARP’s Jean Accius, who shared some fascinating research about how businesses benefit from a multigenerational workforce. We talked about why age diversity is a competitive advantage, how businesses can be more inclusive of workers over 50, and what Jean thinks the private sector can learn from nonprofit leadership.

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Jean Accius

Dr. Jean Accius is an internationally recognized thought leader on aging, longevity, equity, health systems transformation and modernizing the delivery and financing of long-term care. As Senior Vice President of Global Thought Leadership at AARP, Jean identifies emerging trends around the world and forges global strategic alliances that become the foundation for collaboration to change systems and improve the lives of the global population as it ages. Jean has been recognized with the Next Avenue’s Influencer in Aging Award (2020), Black Enterprise magazine’s 2018 Modern Man of Distinction and more. He is also a member of G100’s Transformational Leadership Network and completed his doctorate studies in public administration at American University.


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