Tegan & Sara are gay icons who’ve helped countless LGBTQ+ people through music and activism. Listen to Jamie chat with the duo about how their songs helped her when she was in the closet, creating a lesbian Christmas song for the movie “Happiest Season,” and what still needs to change in the music industry.

19: Sims & Stacy: Caring For A Young Brain Injury Survivor

Sims Weymueller and Stacy Connole’s son was just four years old when he sustained a traumatic brain injury that upended their lives. In this episode of Brain Injury Today, Sims and Stacy share their story so that other families can learn from it and know that they are not alone. Sims and Stacy spoke with BIAWA Executive Director Deborah Crawley about navigating the school system as their son entered kindergarten and helping his older brother cope with the trauma. They want other families to know that recovery is possible with enough time and support, and that the Brain Injury Alliance offers services to support families with fewer resources.