Rachel Lincoln Explains prAna’s Responsible Packaging Movement

Rachel Lincoln loved fashion, but she didn’t love how she saw the industry treating workers and the planet. So she joined a small California-based activewear brand prAna and worked her way to Director of Sustainability where she is now transforming the entire industry through the Responsible Packaging Movement (RPM). RPM is a coalition of pre-competitive brands who share knowledge and practices that reduce packaging waste and promote the use of sustainable materials and a powerful example of leading with we.

In this episode Rachel and I chat about this unique collaboration in the sustainability space, the evolution of sustainability in consumer products, and how she, her team, and the 80+ brands who are a part of RPM are making a substantive effort to save the planet. 

Rachel Lincoln:

Rachel K. Lincoln is a sustainability business strategist, connecting product, process,and sustainability within apparel brands. Over the last 11 years at prAna Living, a Southern California apparel brand rooted in sustainability, she has driven the implementation of bluesign® certified products, helped to launch Fair Trade™ Certified products,and been an instrumental contributor to the company’s double-digit growth year over year. She is driven by closing the loop on circularity within the apparel industry, creating humanity in manufacturing, and the promotion of a work/life balance. Rachel serves as a connector between sustainability and a product creation team of designers, developers, tech, and sourcing specialists. Born and raised in California and a graduate of FIDM, she is currently raising two young girls to be strong, independent thought leaders.

Simon Mainwaring: 

Simon Mainwaring is a brand futurist, global keynote speaker, and bestselling author. He is best known as the author of We First: How Brands and Consumers Use Social Media to Build a Better World and the Founder and CEO of We First, a strategic consultancy that works with brands to define their business strategy, company culture, and brand communications.

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