How To Balance Work, Play, And The Planet: Jessica Rolph, Co-founder & CEO of Lovevery

Jessica Rolph is the co-founder and CEO of Lovevery, a company best known for its award-winning subscription play kits, designed by child development experts and distilled to their purest purpose to be exactly what children need at each stage of life. In this episode, she shares how to design, launch, and scale a high growth and high impact business that combines the best interest of its customers, the greatest potential for profit, and the deepest commitment to the planet and our future while also balancing a happy family life.

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Jessica Rolph

Jessica Rolph is co-founder and CEO of Lovevery, a stage-based early learning program best known for its award-winning subscription Play Kits. Prior to Lovevery, Jessica was the Cofounder and COO of Happy Family, helping to launch, build and lead Happy Family to its position as a top organic baby and toddler brand in the U.S. Jessica also co-founded the Climate Collaborative, a non-profit organization helping companies in the natural products industry take meaningful steps to reverse climate change. Jessica and her husband, Decker, live in Boise, Idaho with their three children.


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