BEST OF: Leading By Listening: Starbucks’ Chief Social Impact Officer, Virginia Tenpenny

When it comes to social impact, Starbucks has been leading the pack for decades. In fact, it’s hard to keep track of all their initiatives, from local community grants to groundbreaking standards it created to source ingredients like coffee beans and cocoa.

In this episode of Lead With We, I got the chance to chat with Virginia Tenpenny, Starbucks’ Chief Social Impact Officer, who shared how Starbucks brings purpose to life on a daily basis, the future of leadership, localizing large-scale impact, and the importance of treating your employees like partners.

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Virginia Tenpenny

Virginia Tenpenny is a global social impact leader with 20 years of U.S. and international experience involving philanthropy, civic engagement, hunger relief, women’s empowerment, opportunity creation for underserved communities, sustainability, and ethical sourcing. As the Chief Social Impact Officer at Starbucks, she leads complex enterprise-wide initiatives and scales social impact strategies that promote thriving communities and deliver positive business results.


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