Finding Your Way to Flourish: Dr. Katia Sol, Assistant Director of the Stanford Flourishing Project

The way we think about leadership is changing, both on a personal level and in the context of business growth and development. For a business to succeed, especially in the digital era, the conversations around what it means to lead must evolve with the changing societal landscapes. But when you are seeking reinvention, it’s easy to get stymied by the simple question: where do we start? Dr. Katia Sol is a lecturer at Stanford University as well as Assistant Director of the Stanford Flourishing Project, a weekly lecture series designed to enhance one’s own leadership toolkit and change-making capacity, as well as one’s ability to enhance collective prosperity and flourishing. In this episode, she shares how we can regenerate ourselves to show up most effectively for others and the planet, and how we foster a culture of purpose and service to navigate challenging times and course-correct our future.

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Dr. Katia Sol:

Dr. Katia Sol innovates and illuminates at the nexus of individual leadership and flourishing, cultivating an intimate and regenerative relationship with the natural world, and the healing and transformation of our collective systems. She teaches Leadership and Wellness Education at Stanford University, with courses on topics such as contemplative ecological leadership, living on purpose, and integrating inner and outer engagement. She also serves as the Assistant Director for the Dalai Lama Fellows program, a global contemplative leadership and social innovation program that supports young entrepreneurs around the world. Beyond Stanford, Katia offers private coaching and consulting services, leadership training, and immersion retreats. Katia holds a BA in Latin American Studies and MA in Education (Stanford University), PhD in Leadership and the Dynamics of Global Change (University of Toronto), and a MS in Management (Stanford Graduate School of Business), and has led over 5000 hours of in-depth leadership development programs focused on cultivating wise action to meet today’s greatest global challenges. She lives in Richmond, CA with her husband and three boys (ages 4, 14, and 17).


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