No Borders for Purpose-Led Businesses: Josué Delgado, CEO of INCmty

We’re at the apex of a monumental shift not only in how successful businesses are run, but also where innovation and transformation are coming from. Right now, Latin America is the fastest-growing region for startups in the world. But that comes as no surprise to those who are already working in that region to foster the next generation of purpose-led leaders. Josué Delgado is the CEO for INCmty, a intercontinental technology, entrepreneurship, and business platform promoting international networking and partnerships, and providing inspiration and action for new businesses building value in Mexico and around the world. In this episode, he shares how to foster the critical entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact needed to solve today’s pressing social and environmental challenges and how to leverage collaboration to drive extraordinary returns and much needed sustainable solutions.

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Josué Delgado:

Josué is CEO & General Director of INCmty, an entrepreneurship initiative of Tecnologico de Monterrey with the greatest impact in Latin America, which convenes and brings together key players in the entrepreneurship ecosystem with the purpose of focusing 100% on entrepreneurs, to encourage them to take their ideas to the next level. He has given conferences on bridging entrepreneurship, strengthening entrepreneurship ecosystems, marketing, and customer relationship, among others. He has also been a professor at Tecnológico de Monterrey and EGADE Business School. He has been a CRM strategy consultant for several companies, including Honda Mexico, IMT and content creation for Teleperformance Global. At Tecnológico de Monterrey, he has served as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Monterrey Zone, as well as Director of Admissions and Student Attraction at Monterrey Campus. He also participated in the coordination of the World Business Forum, an event that he later led. He is an MBA graduate from EGADE Business School (2004), with emphasis in CRM, and a B.A. in Marketing from Tecnologico de Monterrey, Monterrey Campus (2001).


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