22: Michele Mosa, Director of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics America: Educating The Future

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Michele Mosa is the Director of Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics America. In her role, Michele guides their transformative initiatives, including Samsung’s annual ‘Solve For Tomorrow’ Contest. The contest is open to all public school students and encourages them to build solutions and address the most pressing issues impacting society. Michele reveals why it is so critical for her company to support public teachers, help mentor the innovators of tomorrow, and build a brighter future – together.

Michelle Mosa
Michele Mosa is Director, Corporate Citizenship at Samsung Electronics America, leading Samsung’s STEM education programming, including the Solve for Tomorrow contest. At Samsung, Michele leads the strategy behind the flagship initiative, oversees a team of passionate purpose leaders, and manages the day-to-day stakeholder relationships of the multi-million-dollar program. She has extensive experience delivering and driving Strategy, Innovation, Technology, and CSR. Michele is passionate about exploring the space where technology meets humanity and inspiring others to realize that their voice matters. Michele has a MBA in Change Management and Entrepreneurship & Innovation from NYU Stern.
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