26: Using Indigenous Practices To Live with Wildfires

In this episode of Our Future Now!, hosts Natalie Mebane and Jonah Gottlieb speak with UC Berkely Professor Kent Lightfoot, who studies how humans have interacted with fire throughout history. Though climate change has worsened fire season across the western United States, Professor Lightfoot explains how fire suppression policies enacted by colonists has brought us to where we are today and why reviving Indigenous burning practices and changing attitudes about fire needs to be part of the solution.

Check out how the Karuk Tribe is using burning as part of their climate change adaptation plan.

Find out which Native Nation’s land you’re living on. 

Learn more about Julie Oliver, the progressive congressional candidate running to flip Texas’ 25th District, by visiting her website and/or watching her new campaign video, in which she talks about how experiencing homelessness as a child led her to where she is today. 

Learn more about elections in your area and apply for your absentee ballot

Get involved with the National Children’s Campaign

Visit vote4ourfuture.org to learn more about how Zero Hour and the National Children’s Campaign are galvanizing Americans to vote on behalf of our nation’s 74 million children, who deserve bold climate action and environmental justice.  

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