27: Keep Fighting for Democracy

In this episode of Our Future Now!, National Children’s Campaign co-founders Natalie Mebane and Jonah Gottlieb are look back over the first season of Our Future Now! Reflecting on some of the themes that permeated season 1 and highlight some of the moments that made season 1 so impactful.


Visit vote4ourfuture.org to learn more about how Zero Hour and the National Children’s Campaign are galvanizing Americans to vote on behalf of our nation’s 74 million children, who deserve bold climate action and environmental justice. 

Guests and Episodes: (List is organized into order guest appeared in the episode)

●     Dr. Mills – Back to School with COVID?

●     Mustafa Ali – COVID-19s’s Connection to Environmental Injustice

●     Destiny Hodges – Creating Black Spaces in the Environmental Movement

●     Cherrell Brown – Defund vs Abolish the Police

●     Devin Del Palacio – The BLM Movement to Transform this Country: Defund & Reinvest

●     Tom Steyer – Why Tom Steyer is Mobilizing Millenials & Gen Z for Biden

●     Antonique Smith – Vote for Love, Vote for Our Future


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This episode of Our Future Now! was produced and edited by Sean Fox for Goal17Media.com and is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify.