Entries by Greg Mollner

23: Meet The Kids Suing The Federal Government Over Climate Change

In this episode of Our Future Now!, National Children’s Campaign co-founders Natalie Mebane and Jonah Gottlieb are joined by two plaintiffs of Juliana vs US, Jayden Foytlin and Levi Draheim, to talk about how a revolutionary lawsuit is being spearheaded by kids. They talk about, what they’re specifically fighting for and what a win with this lawsuit will mean for our future.

6: I’m a miracle: How ex-Husky Darin Harris has learned to live with his traumatic brain injury

In this episode of Brain Injury Today, Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Executive Director Deborah Crawley speaks with former UW football player and BIAWA board member Darin Harris about his journey following a severe brain injury that nearly killed him. Darin gets candid about his struggle with symptoms like depression, how he has maintained a positive connection to football, and the difficulties of coping with both a brain injury and systemic racism as a member of the Black community.

2: A Conversation with TOMS on Transforming Lives, Scaling Impact and Redefining Business

In this episode, I had a great conversation with Amy Smith, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer at TOMS. We talked about how TOMS is evolving how it turns business into a force for good and she gives great insights into the strategies and tactics they use to engage consumers so they can grow their business and its impact at the same time. This is something every brand must do to meet the new demands of their employees and customers, and there’s no better leader to learn from than Amy.