10: Vote4OurFuture

It’s time for our generation to rock the vote! On this week’s edition of Zero Hour Talks, join our host Kaylah and special guest Natalie Mebane as they lead a conversation about the upcoming Vote 4 Our Future Campaign, as well as speak about the history of voter suppression and its lasting impacts today.

9: Happy Pride Week!

Happy Pride Week! Join us as our host Kaylah Brathwaite, along with guests Jamie Margolin and Devin Halbal lead us through an open conversation about everything pride-related. From a segment on the history of pride itself to a discussion on its commercialization at the hands of capitalism, and finally, some closing questions to reflect on, you don’t want to miss out on this edition of Zero Hour Talks.

8: Misogynoir and Climate Justice

In this episode of Zero Hour Talks our host Kaylah Brathwaite is joined by two guests, Zeena Abdulkarim of Zero Hour and Jameka Hodnett of 350.org, to explain misogynoir and further clarify the intersections of racial, gender, and climate justice. Join Zero Hour as we unpack the importance of listening to black leadership and why solidarity with the lgbtq+ community is essential to all of our liberation fights!

7: Black Lives Matter

In this episode of Zero Hour Talks our host Kaylah Brathwaite, and our guest, Yolian Ogbu, call on the power of people everywhere to fight against our oppressive establishment. We also hear from musician Cameron Nino about his experiences since the death of George Floyd and songs from his recent EP.