Goal 17 Foundation

The Goal 17 Foundation was established by Greg and Allison Mollner to support the mission of nonprofits and foundations committed to the common good.

The Foundation’s primary focus will be on economic equity and equality, climate and social justice, and mental health. However, we will always be ready to help when other issues arise that need our support.

We derive our definition of the common good from the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDSs) which lay out a comprehensive blueprint for peace and prosperity for all people and the planet.

Goal 17 Foundation and the COVID-19 Crisis Impact

The COVID-19 crisis presented an immediate need for communities to come together for the common good. As people practice social distancing, nonprofits that are dependent upon places to convene have been the hardest hit. This has forced nonprofits to create new and innovative communication strategies to reach clients and donors.

One person, one family, one community – together we are changing the world!

Nonprofits can partner with the Goal 17 Foundation to produce powerful media content spotlighting their areas of advocacy affordably and quickly or underwrite other Goal 17 original programming as a sponsor. Content production is executed by Goal 17 Media, at cost, to support the ongoing work of the partner organizations and the Goal 17 Foundation. 

Nonprofits and foundations (NPFs) across the country regularly invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to hire independent contractors to create podcasts, videos, documentaries, and other collateral to amplify their areas of advocacy. But few are harnessing the power and efficiency of producing that content with a mainstream network such as Goal 17 to reach broader mainstream communities available through the Goal 17 global ecosystem, increasing their visibility and ultimate impact. This is a significant benefit NPFs gain by working with Goal 17.

Podcasts, for example, provide an intimate one-on-one experience. People can take podcasts with them in their car, while they walk or just sit in the park. Listening can also be a social experience with friends, family members or caregivers. We have found podcasts to be a very powerful medium for nonprofits to engage their members.

Over the last twelve months the Goal 17 Foundation has produced over 60 podcasts and other services representing over $100,000 for regional, national, and international non-profits. Over 85% of this was done pro bono during the early part of the COVID crisis.

We are supposed to care about each other irrespective of race, ethnicity, economic status, or political affiliation.

We carry this message in everything we do.

Nonprofit and Foundation Podcasts

When COVID hit in March 2020, we turned much of our time to assisting NPF’s in reaching out to their members and survivors that could no longer receive face to face assistance. Many of these shows were scheduled to run for a limited number of episodes to bridge the gap created by the pandemic until the non-profits were able to establish new operational strategies.

Brain Injury Today (BIT) is produced for the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington (BIAWA) and was launched in March 2020. It was renewed for Season 2. A total of 21 episodes have been produced for the show. BIT brings support to the organization’s clients and caregivers of BIAWA who, because of the pandemic, could no longer travel to BIAWA’s offices to receive critical services and support.

Our Future Now (OFN) is the official podcast of the National Children’s Campaign (NCC). NCC is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit that serves to inform and empower political leaders throughout the country to prioritize the health, education, environmental and economic issues addressing American youth today. OFN focused on social and climate justice issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, environmental racism, funding for schools and more. 24 podcasts were produced by Goal 17 for NCC. (Not renewed for season 2.)

Zero Hour Talks is the official podcast of Zero Hour, a global youth-led climate activism movement with memberships offices in over 100 countries. Zero Hour’s founder, Jamie Margolin, was 15 years old when she formed Zero Hour and has presented their mission with climate activist Greta Thunberg to the US Congress and other global organizations. 8 episodes of Zero Hour we produced by Goal 17. (Not renewed for season 2.)

ACT Now! was produced for The ACT Theater in Seattle is one of the leading contemporary theaters in the county. COVID shut down the theater. We produced four powerful podcasts with their actors and creative director that brought the spirit of the theater into the homes of members and nonmembers around the world. (Not renewed for season 2.)

Lavender You is hosted by Jamie Margolin, an internationally recognized leader of the youth climate and LBGTQ+ movement. Jamie was recently named one of “Eight Young Visionaries Shaping Our Future” by Oprah. She has been featured in the New York Times Magazine for her climate work and we are thrilled to collaborate with her as she turns her attention to LGBTQ+ issues. Lavender You is the go-to podcast for queer women, girls and femmes craving authentic representation in media and pop culture. Each episode, Jamie gets real with fellow queer creatives and influencers who identify as women to dish on hot topics, slay stereotypes and talk about the power of telling their own stories. Season 1 of Lavender You launched in June 2021 and has 10 episodes.