6: A Dose of Optimism: Tracey Franklin, Chief Human Resources Officer at Moderna

Tracey Franklin is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Moderna, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company playing a critical role in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Its enduring mission is to deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients. Over the last two years, they were challenged to do so while facing extraordinary pressures, expectations, and conditions. In this episode, Tracy shares how Moderna works to solve this global health crisis in real-time, how they manage through hypergrowth, and what steps they took to nurture a culture that brought out the best in their people so they could protect and save countless lives.

25: Modern Meadow CEO Andras Forgacs Is Transforming Consumer Products With Lab-Grown Materials

Andras Forgacs went from venture investor to entrepreneur when he co-founded two biotech companies with his father, Organovo and Modern Meadow, in a quest to bring about a more sustainable world. In this episode, Andras takes me through his journey, from pioneering lab-grown human tissues technology at Organovo for pharmaceutical testing, to applying that same technology to consumer products at Modern Meadow. With Modern Meadow’s lab-grown leather about to hit the market, I couldn’t be more excited to share my conversation with Andras.

17: Method & Ripple Foods’ Adam Lowry: Disrupting Crowded Consumer Categories

Adam Lowry thought he would make a difference as a climate scientist, but instead, he’s changed the world through disruptive startups like Method, which makes eco-friendly cleaning products, and Ripple Foods, which uses technology to make high-protein dairy replacements that actually taste good. And he’s got another killer product on the way. Listen to this episode to hear how Adam has persevered in the face of industry attacks, how he approaches branding, and why he helped found the B-corp movement.