29: 2020 Highlight: Kara Goldin On Why Consumers Want Purposeful Products More Than Ever

When you look up ‘disrupter’, I’m pretty sure Kara Goldin’s name is the first one to pop up. That’s why I’m re-sharing the conversation I had with her in 2020. Kara is the founder and CEO of Hint, Inc., and she turned the bottled water industry upside down with her best known product, Hint water. As she was about to welcome her fourth child, Kara’s idea to help her lead a more healthy life, along with her bold scrappy approach, led to the creation of top-selling flavored waters without artificial flavors in an incredibly crowded category. Kara also discusses her political activism around access to clean water in America and how she doesn’t let her own fear get the best of her, a core theme in her new book, Undaunted. So enjoy this episode, and we’ll be back with new ones soon.