10: Lead With Respect: Rob Cameron, Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs and ESG Engagement.

Rob Cameron is Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs and ESG Engagement. He brings 25 years of experience in the fields of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Nestle is the world’s largest, most diversified food and beverage company. It has a unique global footprint and sells products in over 180 countries working to enhance the quality of life and build a healthier future for people across the. In this episode, we’ll discuss how a company with such a complex and consequential footprint leads with respect to ensuring what it makes and how it makes it serves as many people as possible. And the precious planet we share.

19: Kathrin Belliveau, Chief Purpose Officer, Hasbro: Leading with Purpose and Play

Since 1923 Hasbro has delighted generations with beloved toys, games and brands that are synonymous with childhood. Kathrin Belliveau is the first Executive Vice President and Chief Purpose Officer of the self-described “global play and entertainment company,” where she is charged with bringing their purpose to life in ways that make the world a better place for children, fans, and families. In this episode, Kathrin talks about why it’s critical for companies in all sectors to embrace sustainability and lead with purpose to drive growth, relevance and impact. From innovative packaging to building a purposeful culture, Kathrin explains the strategies Hasbro has used to be recognized as one of “the World’s Most Ethical Companies” eleven years in a row.