12: Creating A Waste-Free Future: Matt Bertulli CEO of Pela

Matt Bertulli serves as the CEO and co-founder of Pela, an international company leveraging sustainability to make “everyday products without everyday waste”. With products ranging from phone covers to sunglasses to Lomi composting machines, Pela sits at the forefront of how business reimagines and reengineers how we live while building a high-growth business. Inspiring and ingenious in equal parts, Pela reveals what a multistakeholder movement looks like to realize a sustainable future. Lead With We is Produced by Goal 17 Media – https://goal17media.com

10: Lead With Respect: Rob Cameron, Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs and ESG Engagement.

Rob Cameron is Nestlé’s Global Head of Public Affairs and ESG Engagement. He brings 25 years of experience in the fields of sustainability and corporate responsibility. Nestle is the world’s largest, most diversified food and beverage company. It has a unique global footprint and sells products in over 180 countries working to enhance the quality of life and build a healthier future for people across the. In this episode, we’ll discuss how a company with such a complex and consequential footprint leads with respect to ensuring what it makes and how it makes it serves as many people as possible. And the precious planet we share.

9: A Formula For Success: Brenda Demers, CEO at Smartypants

Brenda Demers is the CEO of SmartyPants Vitamins, where she most recently led SmartyPants’ integration into Unilever’s Health & Wellbeing collective — while propelling the business to a Top-10 share position in the multivitamin category through her focus on marketing and operational excellence. In this episode, she shares how to build and scale a company that not only wins over employees and consumers but also drives extraordinary growth while creating exceptional impact. She also explains why the company believes so strongly in giving back by making a matching nutrient grant donation to a child in need for every bottle they sell.

8: POV on the Business of Sustainability with GreenBiz’s Heather Clancy

We’re excited to launch this new POV format where, once a month, I go head-to-head with a featured guest. For our first POV episode, we welcome Heather Clancy, the Vice President and Editorial Director at GreenBiz. GreenBiz Group is a media and events, member-based company that recognizes the inextricable link between climate change and social change. Join Heather and I in a critical discussion around the climate and sustainability landscape, how business is showing up, and why we both believe there is strong cause for optimism.

7: On A Mission to Save Our Home Planet: Patagonia’s Rick Ridgeway

Patagonia is an outdoor apparel company based in Ventura, California with a mission to save our home planet. It was founded in 1976 by Yvon Chouinard and was the first B-Corporation in the state. Rick was Vice President of Environmental Initiatives and Special Media Projects for Patagonia for 15 years during which he founded the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. In addition to his accomplishments at Patagonia, Rick is recognized as one of the world’s foremost mountaineers. Along with Yvon and another friend, they were the first Americans to summit K2. He has done other significant climbs and explorations on all continents. In this conversation, Rick discusses why and how Patagonia is fulfilling their mission to save our home planet. He also talks about how Patagonia walks the walk when it comes to sustainability and how it measures its financial performance with the overall health of the planet. Rick is also the author of 6 books. His latest book, “Life Lived Wild: Adventures at the Edge of the Map” is a memoir that recounts some of his boldest expeditions. Rick estimates that he has spent over five years of his life sleeping in tents in distant locations around the globe, “Life Lived Wild” offers some insights to those adventures including his ascent of K2 to exploring a remote area of Tibet that no outsider had ever seen.

6: A Dose of Optimism: Tracey Franklin, Chief Human Resources Officer at Moderna

Tracey Franklin is the Chief Human Resources Officer at Moderna, a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company playing a critical role in addressing the Covid-19 pandemic. Its enduring mission is to deliver on the promise of mRNA science to create a new generation of transformative medicines for patients. Over the last two years, they were challenged to do so while facing extraordinary pressures, expectations, and conditions. In this episode, Tracy shares how Moderna works to solve this global health crisis in real-time, how they manage through hypergrowth, and what steps they took to nurture a culture that brought out the best in their people so they could protect and save countless lives.

5: How To Balance Work, Play, And The Planet: Jessica Rolph, Co-founder & CEO of Lovevery

Jessica Rolph is the co-founder and CEO of Lovevery, a company best known for its award-winning subscription play kits, designed by child development experts and distilled to their purest purpose to be exactly what children need at each stage of life. In this episode, she shares how to design, launch, and scale a high growth and high impact business that combines the best interest of its customers, the greatest potential for profit, and the deepest commitment to the planet and our future while also balancing a happy family life.

4: Why Being Unreasonable Produces Great Results: Daniel Epstein, Founder & CEO Of Unreasonable

Daniel Epstein is the founder and CEO of Unreasonable. They are dedicated to supporting growth equity entrepreneurs and positioned to bend history in the right direction. Part investment firm, part media house, and most importantly a global community. Unreasonable partners with multinational institutions and respected brands to align them with impactful growth stage entrepreneurs. In this episode, Daniel shares how to launch, build and scale a collaborative ecosystem that not only gives entrepreneurs an unfair advantage to succeed but also provides every tool they need to scale the impact they want to realize in the world.

3: Aligning Climate Goals With Digital Transformation: Angela Baker, Chief Sustainability Officer at Qualcomm

Angela Baker is the Chief Sustainability Officer at Qualcomm, a leading global technology company enabling a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected. In this episode, Angela explains how 5G technology not only drives transformative innovation but also holds the key to myriad avenues of impact, from regenerative agriculture to education to health and safety. And how such technologies can accelerate and scale dramatic improvements in people’s lives at a time when it’s critically needed.

2: Living Your Values at Work: Carina Cortez, Chief People Officer at Glassdoor

Carina Cortez is the Chief People Officer at Glassdoor. Built on the foundation of increasing workplace transparency, Glassdoor offers insights into the employee experience powered by millions of company ratings and reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, and more – all by the employees themselves. Carina is passionate about building the future of work and helping people find meaning in their work at a time when this is critical to every business. In this episode, she shares what she had to unlearn from her 20-plus-year history in HR during her first year at Glassdoor and how the company is leading with purpose, building a culture of transparency, and empowering organizations to rebuild their cultures to drive growth, productivity and impact. The Lead With We podcast is produced by Goal17Media.