15: Google’s Michael Muñoz & Performance Paradigm’s Reggie Butler: Re-Centering Humanity in Business

Lots of companies are talking about diversity, equity and inclusion these days, but we have but what does it mean to actually move the needle in those areas? As we mark the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, there couldn’t be a more relevant topic. Each of us has a role to play in bringing about a better future, and business leaders are uniquely positioned to create lasting change. In this episode of Lead With We I had the privilege of speaking with Michael Muñoz, Global Marketing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Lead at Google, and Performance Paradigm’s Reggie Butler about the lessons they’ve learned doing DEI within today’s leading corporations. We spoke about re-centering our shared humanity in business, what needs to happen if we truly want things to be different, and more.