24: Danone North America’s Deanna Bratter Talks Sustainability At The World’s Largest B Corp

Deanna Bratter heads up sustainability at the world’s largest public benefit corporation: Danone North America. It’s a $6 billion food and beverage company with a massive portfolio of well-known brands. It was so refreshing to get Deanna’s perspective on finding the intersections between purpose and profit when advocating for change within a behemoth organization like Danone. We also spoke about how the B Corp model has helped Danone define things like “living wage” and set benchmarks for progress, and how COVID spurred optimism amongst sustainability practitioners.

7: Why Lynne Twist Believes Business Leaders Should Learn From Indigenous Peoples

Lynne Twist became an activist after she was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s vision of a global society in which no one was left behind. Since then she’s gone on to write a revolutionary book examining our cultural attitudes towards wealth called The Soul of Money, and she runs an organization called the Pachamama Alliance, which connects leaders in business to the Indigenous leaders that protect the Amazon rainforest. I could go on and on about Lynne’s background– she’s truly incredible and I love her positive, yet powerful message. So I hope you enjoy my conversation with Lynne about how business needs to change in order to meet the social and environmental challenges we face.

33: 2020 Highlight: Ben & Jerry’s Jay Curley On Why Innovative Ice Cream And Social Justice Go Hand-in-Hand

It’s a new year, but we continue grappling with the same big issues in 2021. For many, the events of last year made it impossible for business leaders to stand on the sidelines. But engaging with social justice issues is uncharted territory for most in the private sector. That’s why I’m re-sharing a conversation I had with Jay Curley, the Global Head of Integrated Marketing at Ben & Jerry’s. Ben & Jerry’s has been instrumental in paving the way for business to be a force for progressive change in the world. The iconic ice cream brand has taken bold stances on key social justice issues, from marriage equality to ending mass incarceration and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. So how does a company like Ben & Jerry’s manage to keep growing and earning loyal employees and customers while speaking out on such controversial issues? In this episode of Lead With We, Jay Curley gives me an insider perspective based on his twelve years inside one of the most socially conscious and beloved brands out there. Enjoy the episode, and we’ll be back with new ones very soon!