24: Why Warby Parker’s Dave Gilboa Took A Stand on Voting in 2020

Warby Parker first disrupted the optical industry by offering direct-to-consumer glasses at an affordable price, but now the company is also shaking things up in the social arena. In this episode I speak with the company’s Founder and co-CEO, Dave Gilboa, about how the company has embraced access to voting in 2020 and partnered with other businesses to spread their message far and wide. We also discuss what’s next for this ten-year-old brand, the possibility of going public and choosing purpose-driven investors in the next stage of growth.

19: Ben & Jerry’s Jay Curley On Why Delicious Ice Cream And Social Justice Go Hand-in-Hand

Before becoming the Global Head of Integrated Marketing for Ben & Jerry’s, Jay Curley dreamt of working for the famous ice cream brand that has taken bold stances on key social justice issues, from marriage equality to ending mass incarceration and supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. So how does a company like Ben & Jerry’s manage to keep growing and earning loyal employees and customers while speaking out on such controversial issues? In this episode of Lead With We, Jay Curley gives me an insider perspective based on his twelve years inside one of the most socially conscious and beloved brands out there.