18: Daniella Foster, Global VP, Consumer Health, Bayer: Scaling Impact Through Public & Private Sector Collaboration

Bayer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world – generating $48.90 billion in revenue in 2021. At the helm of Public Affairs, Science and Sustainability for Bayer’s Consumer Health Division is Daniella Foster. Daniella joined Bayer in 2019 with a powerful vision for how consumer engagement and cross-sector collaboration can transform millions of lives including those in underserved communities around the world. With aggressive but attainable goals to be climate neutral by 2030 and net-zero by 2050, Daniella reveals how Bayer meets these targets while solving for complex global challenges. In this conversation, Daniella candidly shares how her experience at the State Department is helping her accomplish big things at Bayer. She also talks about how she is using storytelling to educate consumers to live healthier and longer.

16: Allmade’s Ryan Moor: How Sustainable Apparel Becomes Good Business

It started with a punk-rock band in Seattle in the 90’s and a kid who had a knack for screen printing t-shirts from his bedroom. That entrepreneurial start led to the launch of ScreenPrinting.com in 2004 which generated $8 million in revenues in under three years. As his business grew so did Ryan, as a successful business owner and social change agent. Through Allmade he is now reimagining what eco-friendly, socially conscious apparel and printing looks like and challenging the biggest brands in the world to buy more responsibly, to make sure everyone in the supply chain is fairly paid fairly, and to ensure the clothing we wear each day gives back to those in greatest need.


Rachel Bloom’s hilarious YouTube music videos turned into the opportunity to create and star in her own show, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” on the CW. In this episode Jamie chats with Rachel about how she created some of the most wonderfully casual queer representation on TV, plus more! Connect w/Lavender You on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook. Subscribe/Follow the pod on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Google Podcasts, SoundCloud and Spotify. Lavender You is produced by Goal 17 Foundation.


Amber Whittington was one of the first lesbian YouTubers to build a following with her channel Amber’s Closet. Listen to Jamie talk with Amber about how she encourages others to live their truth through her videos, providing POC representation for the queer community, dealing with homophobes online, and how she “burst out” of the closet.